Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Unidentified US battleship being very wet forward.


  1. I am curious as to the source of this photo - it is certainly not from 1985, and also not an Iowa.

    The tells:
    1. WWII-era floater-net baskets and life rafts on the turret sides.
    2. Presence of the rangefinders on the side of Turret 1, which were removed during the Iowas' 1980s modernization (even if it was an Iowa).
    3. This is likely USS Washington - she's the only one of whom photos show floater net baskets on her Turret 1, and the North Carolina class is the only one whose forecastle details match the photo. Note distances between capstan, breakwater, and turret, all of which are too closely clustered to belong to an Iowa class.

  2. Thanks for the correction. I can't remember where I got this photo but it was labeled as such. There is a similar photo (but colour and no range finders) that may explain the confusion. I'll emend the title. Once again, thanks. :)


  3. I don't have a farm, but if I had a farm I'd bet the farm that that's Alaska or Guam. The barrels just don't look big enough to be 16"

  4. I'm leaning as well. That it is a Cruiser. Smaller barrels (8-10 maybe 12 inch). Short compact bow not very wide. Also the anchor chains appear smaller. Just a thought. Also... Denis Great Blog !! The pics have great size and are very clear. Thanks for sharing. Signed, KgNeptune

  5. I agree with TimmyC62--I think it's WASHINGTON, post-war, with most of the 20mm stripped off (as I recall, they were removed pretty quickly after WWII). There's something missing for it to be ALASKA--that huge 40mm mount right forward. Also, the hatches forward and the capstan positions match WASHINGTON, not ALASKA. (The turrets do seem oddly shaped, but it may just be the perspective.)