Sunday, November 10, 2013

Regioni class Italian protected cruiser Etruria on parade, Hudson-Fulton Celebration, Hudson River, New York,1909.

Ship details:

Displacement: ~2450 metric tons
Dimensions: 84.8m L, 12.03m W, 4.87m D
Machinery: 2 sets of three-cylinder triple expansion reciprocating steam engines, 2 propellers 7585 IHP
Speed: 19.8 knots at maximum power during sea trials
Endurance: ~2100 nautical miles
Armour: deck 51mm, tower 50mm
Armament as completed: four 6" 40-caliber guns, six 4.7" 40-caliber guns, eight 57mm 43-caliber guns, two machine guns, two 17,7" torpedo tubes
Armament 1905-1914: two 6" 40-caliber guns, eight 4.7" 40-caliber guns, eight 57mm 43-caliber guns, eight 37mm 20-caliber guns, 2 machine guns, two 17.7" torpedo tubes
Armament from 1915: six 4.7" 40-caliber guns, six 57mm 43-caliber guns, two 37mm 20-caliber guns, one machine gun, two 17.7" torpedo tubes

Etruria was laid down on April 4th 1889 at the Orlando Shipyard in Livorno (Italy), launched April 23rd 1891, and completed July 11th 1894. She sank on August 13th 1918 following the explosion of an ammunition barge in the Livorno harbour.

Source: Italian Warships of World War 1, by Aldo Fraccaroli, Ian Allan press, London, 1970, 304pp.

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