Sunday, May 26, 2013

Barbette and gun turret Bruno or Caesar on German battleship Bismarck, 1940.

Ship details:

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  1. It's Caesar. Three clues: 1) on BISMARCK, there was a 20mm AA gun on the main deck between Caesar and Doria. You can see one of these mounts at right (covered in canvas). The forward-most pair was behind Bruno, so this isn't the bow. 2) BISMARCK had practice guns between Caesar and Doria--you can see the machinery for one of them (I think the 105mm) peeking out from behind the lower turret. These were only aft, not forward. 3) In this picture, the lower turret has a rangefinder. Turret Anton did not have a rangefinder; Turret Doria had one. Therefore, this is Turret Caesar.

    (Also, the canvas awnings over hatches and companionways are rigged facing aft to keep water out when underway...that's a hint, too...)